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William McGeeWilliam McGee
20:40 19 May 22
I'd 1000% recommend Globelend over the other business lenders. I was given all the info in advance, payment is taken promptly and their customer service is excellent. The one time I did have an issue (turned out it was my fault), they were in contact almost immediately and got it sorted for me within a couple of hours. This time I got a long-term business loan (10 y), and i was really impressed that they have still provided an incredibly affordable interest (5.75% only). It has been my 4th funding with them, and thanks to them my business is really growing. Huge thank you to everyone!
Felix SandersFelix Sanders
14:05 18 May 22
I’ve used Globelend twice now for business loans, and they’ve been brilliant! They kept me posted all the time about when the money will go into my account and kept me updated about repayments. Their interest rates are extremely reasonable, and customer service is beyond friendly. Shout out to Natalie - it has been a pleasure to deal with her both times! I highly recommend them, an amazing way to increase a business’ cash flow.
Morgan HughesMorgan Hughes
13:53 17 May 22
Fast, reliable, and efficient. Thanks to Kevin my loan was approved rapidly, and in less than 2 days the funds for my SBA loan were in my account. What a lifesaver! Kevin was attentive to me and it was really touching that he took the time to understand my business from the inside. Awesome service!! Highly recommended!!
Donna WelcherDonna Welcher
20:21 13 May 22
Really great, quick, and easy business lender. Kudos to Alex for making everything really easy for my atelier. Rates are competitive, and the conditions are nice. Haven’t had any issues, the SBA loan funds were credited to my account within 5 days. Amazing! Thank you!
Luisa RodriguezLuisa Rodriguez
01:47 05 May 22
Oliver was very helpful and I can honestly say the service was outstanding and reliable. Very professional and straightforward, not transferring me from one person to another. They answer all my questions and my tons of emails... If I was going to the bank it would probably be over a week or so before I can get an answer back asking for more documents. I definitely recommend Globelend to anyone or any business. Keep up your good work.
Hugo NunezHugo Nunez
16:37 29 Apr 22
Globelend was prompt and professional in dealing with my application for the business loan. They looked outside the box to find the best solution for me and the process was quick and easy. Jason was particularly motivated to help, and incredibly patient with me, helping to take care of the paperwork as well. I received the funds pretty quickly, and the rate of 5,75% was more than reasonable. Really, thank you, guys!
Tobias BlankTobias Blank
05:55 28 Apr 22
We’ve started a great business, but wanted to grow and improve our services, at first I had no idea really how to go about gaining funds to accelerate our progress - then Globelend provided access to solutions and I met Alex who supported us and the process to deliver finance within 5 days of our initial inquiry at 5.75% rate only! Thank you for a great experience, Alex, and the team! A1 result and we will now take the next big step in growing our business as a result 🙂
Ashley NicoleAshley Nicole
07:11 27 Apr 22
Randall was very helpful, courteous, and sought the best outcome for our business (a 5.75 rate was incredibly impressive). The whole process was quick and efficient and practically stress-free for us. We would not hesitate in recommending both Globelend and Randall to our business partners for their project funding. It’s been a pleasure once again doing business with you.
Ryan PalmerRyan Palmer
22:19 06 Apr 22
Just applied for a loan with Globelend - they were extremely easy to deal with and everything was approved and finalized very quickly. Got a loan within 3 business days at 5,75% only! Great for a small business like us. Paul was great.
Bruce MetzgerBruce Metzger
18:41 01 Apr 22
Excellent company to deal with. People are fantastic and they make obtaining a loan very quick and simple for businesses. The rates are not only competitive but also affordable and fair. We are really grateful for their work.
Gabriela WelchGabriela Welch
05:53 29 Mar 22
Very good customer service and fast financing system for small & big business! Got the 10-year loan quickly, without any hassle or stress! The rate is unbelievable! I would highly recommend them for their transparency and accessibility!
Amir NovakAmir Novak
03:15 27 Mar 22
SPEED of response! That's what is all about short-term funding! Globelend is all about getting funding as soon as possible. Lukas was my manager here and he was quick and had attention to detail. Provided updates regularly and resolved any issues quickly. Got a 10-year business loan within 7 days at a totally affordable and fair rate. Can’t recommend them more.
Stephanie MitchellStephanie Mitchell
03:44 24 Mar 22
Globelend’s team was extremely helpful and my contact there, Kevin, was able to support us at every step. I found they were probably the most helpful of brokers I have dealt with and I would highly recommend them to any prospective customers. We have got SBA funds in 3 days! I would not hesitate to use them again in the future if the need arose.
Jonathon CaseyJonathon Casey
06:00 12 Mar 22
The team at Globelend was absolutely amazing. They got me financed when others had said no. The whole process was simple and I received my loan within 72 hours at a superb rate! (5.75% is fantastic!). I highly recommend these guys to any small business owners, it has been a really easy and nice experience.
Dean FloydDean Floyd
05:09 09 Mar 22
Excellent communication throughout the process and a very expedient process. The representative, Luis, really assisted me with my needs in a well-mannered, timely response. The process of applying went really well, I am very happy that my loan was approved at a rate of 5,75% only. Thank you for your help.
Brady WardBrady Ward
05:56 07 Mar 22
Got a 10-year loan here, which turned out to be fast, and pretty easy. Minimum paperwork and the staff did a great job helping us fill everything. Perfect communication and eagerness to help were impressive. Thank you so so much for helping us with funds and getting to know our business better. Can’t recommend you more.
Miranda FriasMiranda Frias
23:58 05 Mar 22
Globelend was the smoothest, easiest, and very prompt finance company I’ve ever dealt with. From the quick submission of the application to the pre-approval and the quick reply asking for minimal paperwork right down to the settlement was second to none. Lukas specifically was such a pleasant person to speak with and I highly recommend him for all business loans. Interest rates are low and they were very accommodating to our specific requests. Keep up.
Catherine JohnsonCatherine Johnson
20:11 03 Mar 22
Very fast efficient service, everyone was attentive, and Kevin did a great job helping us with the paperwork and approving us quickly. Approval was done within 24hrs with regular updates, and we got our SBA loan in about 5 business days. Great lender & easy to deal with. Can recommend.
Roger ChesserRoger Chesser
08:40 25 Jan 22
I can seriously say that my experience with Globelend was simply fabulous. My application for the loan was dealt with professionally and very quickly but also with a human touch. I am beyond happy with the relevant rate (5,75%). Big thanks to Kevin, who made this so easy for me and all the team for helping me expand my current situation. Will recommend.
Stephanie PaulStephanie Paul
13:18 22 Jan 22
Excellent communication skills and quick approval. Thanks to Iaci for being very helpful and courteous throughout the process, we have got the long-term (10 years-long) loan at a very reasonable rate pretty quickly. Certainly recommend Globelend for their reliability and professionalism.
Jack PenickJack Penick
08:45 20 Jan 22
Used Globelend for funding earlier this year. Great process, fast response times, Alex was a pleasure to deal with and super helpful. Easy funding, we have got a loan under 5.75% for 10 years, which was much better than we expected! 100% recommended.
Eric AcheronEric Acheron
08:55 19 Jan 22
Globelend is an excellent company to do business with. Luis was a pleasure to work with, he was efficient, professional and showed a great deal of energy towards helping us with getting an SBA loan. He took the time to explain the procedure properly and kept me informed throughout the whole process. Thank you, I appreciated all the help.
Colleen GarrettColleen Garrett
08:30 17 Jan 22
I was amazed at how quickly our small business loan has been processed (within 3 business days). It was stress-free - no lengthy form or questions to answer. Jack from Globelend has been wonderful - professional, and friendly. Thanks
Zenaide McClainZenaide McClain
08:08 12 Jan 22
I worked with Oliver at Globelend, and he was fantastic in helping me to get competitive and timely funding for my business advance. 5,75% rate was really impressive, as well as the timeframe I got money to the account. Working with Oliver has been very positive and beneficial. We certainly recommend this team and Oliver to anyone in need of funding. Thanks, guys.
A Google User
A Google User
09:10 10 Jan 22
I was able to receive funding from Globelend in a short time and with no stress. They have a very friendly and professional team who were great to deal with, especially Oliver, who was able to make the funding process go both smoothly and quickly. We have got a 10-year loan at a really reasonable rate. Thank you, guys.

Our program offers a fast and convenient way for business owners to get the cash they need to run their company. It is not a business loan, which means no checks to write, no fixed monthly payments, and none of the restrictions/excessive documentation typically associated with a bank loan. Approval rates are much higher than a bank loan and funds are typically wired to your business account within 10 days. Repayment is based on a small fixed percentage of your future Visa and MasterCard receipts until the pre determined payback amount is satisfied. We get paid as you get paid thus helping you manage the cash flow of your business, especially during slower months.

Our basic qualifications are that you must have a physical location, be in business for at least 1 year, process at least $3500/month of Visa/MasterCard receivables and have at least 1 year left on your lease. To find out how much you qualify for, simply complete the online application and provide some basic information. You will receive a free, no obligation quote within 24 hours from a Globelend Account Executive who will review your funding options.

This is not a loan; therefore there is no prepayment penalty, no fixed payment schedule, no maturity dates, and no minimum monthly payments. At any time, you can choose to settle the advance by paying the remaining balance in full.

Globelend offers a no cost/no obligation quote. There are no up-front fees and we do not charge for “out of pocket” expenses such as: credit reports, D&B reports, overnight mailing costs, etc.

Each business is unique and therefore receives a customized quote based upon its specific needs and situation. Several factors influence the size and cost of the Business Cash Advance, including; business size, industry, processing history, volume, ticket size, and various other factors. To find out how much you qualify for and the associated cost, simply apply now for your no obligation quote.

Globelend does not charge Application Fees or Points and you can receive a free, no obligation quote by completing our simple online application.

A Business Cash Advance is not solely based on your credit score; therefore it is not necessary for you to have good to excellent credit to receive an advance.

We get paid as you get paid. You never have to write a check. Our automated process is designed to work with your credit card processor to collect a small percentage of your daily Visa and Mastercard receivables until your business cash advance is settled.

Our proprietary approval process allows Globelend merchants to enjoy high approval rates and funding within 10 days.

No. Our Cash Advance does not require a personal guarantee; however, individuals may be liable in cases of fraud, misrepresentation, and as further detailed in the contract.

No. We maintain the percentage till the advanced is paid in full.

Yes. We offer three funding programs (i.e. 4 months – 18 months) based on the merchant’s needs.

Our product is a business cash advance, not a business loan. As long as you meet our requirements, we can still provide you with immediate cash, without affecting your other obligations.

Your Business Cash Advance can be used for any business purpose, including: purchasing inventory, repairing equipment, renovations, expansion, reducing debt, or emergencies expenditures. You are free to spend the money on whatever is best for your business.

Globelend Customer Service is available to assist you:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST
Phone: 1-866-491-7537

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