Client Testimonials

“I was skeptical at first because it seemed too easy. But, after I spoke with an account executive a few times it was the easiest cash advance I ever took out, ever! The best part is the payments are so easy you don’t miss them. And there’s no interest like with loans. A cash advance from Globelend will help any business. I love it!”

– Mike S. – Auto Service

“I appreciated the help when I needed it most. I will definitely do business again.”

– John H. – Auto Shop

“A cash advance from Globelend has helped us to pay off payroll taxes, pay off leased equipment and dwindle down our debt ratio. Knowing that we have a partnership in Globelend helps to keep our heads above water and sleep at night. There are no hidden costs, everything is clear. Globelend has been fantastic to work with!”

– Christian B – Restaurant Owner

“Wonderful to work with!”

– Tina G. – Restaurant Owner

“Globelend is the only one that stepped up to the plate… We talked to a couple of other cash advance providers and they weren’t able to do what we needed. My account rep was very attentive to what my wife and I needed to take our company to the next level. I’ve told a couple of friends who own businesses about it, too!”

– Mike Foster, Javawocky CA

“I put some of the money into renovations, dug up the driveway and moved the storage shed back…you guys really helped me out. Tell my rep to call me tomorrow cause I’m ready for more cash!”

– Mike Lantan, Action Mechanics by M&L Auto

“I was strapped for cash at the time, on the borderline. I needed a little cash to ease the pressure. Globelend provided a safety net. I built a relationship with a sales person from your company. I liked what you offered; it was kind of a unique program. Statements are easy to read, your sales person was very good. Everything has been great!”

– Eddie P., Auto Shop

“With the Globelend cash advance we were able to increase our inventory stock. I appreciate the quickness in getting back to us. Other companies’ process took longer…a lot of faxing back and forth but with Globelend everything went very smoothly…Excellent!”

– Kym R., Recycling Company

“I did a little research in the Chicago area. Other salons said that GLC is a great choice and I should take advantage of your service. The process was easy. Globelend made me feel comfortable with the entire process. The cash advance gave me the flexibility that I didn’t have before. I was able to increase inventory and do some updating around the salon. The level of service was very nice; your sales people are very good and easy to work with.”

– David A., Beauty Salon

“The first time GLC helped us is when our machine broke down and we were able to buy new equipment. The second time we were very low on inventory and the cash advance enabled us to completely restock our inventory. GLC was real easy to deal with, I worked with other companies before but you were the most hassle free cash advance company to deal with. The entire process went very smooth; it has been very easy to work with Globelend.”

– Aldofo V., Tire Company

“I initially used Globelend because I was behind on my bills. Construction on the main road cut my business off. Because of the cash advance I got through the construction period. Everything was very speedy, things went fast and smooth. Getting the cash advance was a big relief; the timing couldn’t have been better! It’s funny, I expected to feel the money going out of my profits but it has not been an issue. The payments are painless and it’s definitely worth it! I was very surprised at how quick and how smooth everything took place. I couldn’t be happier with the service!”

– Dina C., Restaurant Owner

“With the Globelend renewal, I was able to pay down suppliers, inject cash into the business and do a little expansion. The sales guy was very professional, everything he represented was true. Everything has been great!”

– Rich D, Mini-market

“The Globelend cash advance helped us to get a shot in the arm. We needed options for already purchased equipment and a little extra boost for our stock. With the money I received I was able to do that and more. Your salesperson was very honest and upfront with me; I had no problems. Everything he promised us, he delivered. Everything has been fine…excellent!”

– James W., Auto Shop

“I am very happy with Globelend. It’s tough having a small business. Thanks to the cash advance, business is going great! I really like your sales people and after I did research on the internet and was offered a very good rate with a competitor but I was not comfortable because I could not reach anyone; I would always get their voicemail. I decided to stick with what I knew. I was able to reach salespeople every time, they were always reachable. The cash advance really helped to get things cranked up. It’s hard for a small business to get bank loans, Globelend provided me with the support I needed just when I needed it.”

– Mike K., Bicycle Repair Shop

“I used the cash advance to get inventory for my business without any problems. My Account Executive was quick to follow-up with any questions I had.”

– John Harris, Hobby Shop

“I used the cash advance for marketing purposes. My Account Executive provided very good service and was always very helpful. I am glad to have found you guys.”

– Blanca Quirino, Home Cleaning Service

“I used Globelend for back taxes owed and was then able to focus on getting an early start on the busy holiday season. Overall experience with the service was fantastic.”

– Jack Beem, Overnight Packaging/Shipping

“Globelend provided great service and overall it was a wonderful experience. I used the funds for construction and renovation for my business which helped to increase sales.”

– Mike Cordero, Restaurant

“I used Globelend to consolidate debt and reach my sales goals. Service was very prompt and reliable. I’ll definitely recommend others to you.”

– Brian Shelton, Video Retailer

“After receiving the cash advance, I was able to do renovations and other general repairs for my business. It has been steadily improving everyday, thanks to you guys. I am planning on opening up another business pretty soon and will need to get another cash advance from Globelend. Overall experience has been a positive one.”

– Jorge Acevedo, Restaurant

“With Globelend I was able to purchase inventory and pay overdue bills. Since then my business has been moving along very well. Service is excellent and I couldn’t be happier with the deal I received.”

– Narciso Gomez, Grocery Market

“With the cash advance I was able to pay bills and buy new equipment which helped the business move forward. I was very pleased with the service.”

– Anne Marie Sullivan, Restaurant

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