Welcome to Globelend Capital

Need Money to Grow Your Business?

We know small to medium-sized businesses need help on occasion. Our goal at Globelend is to make sure you do not miss out on great opportunities. We provide you with simple and flexible alternatives to traditional loans.

We have programs such as business cash advances and small business loans that will enable you to deal with any challenges and take advantage future opportunities. Because many small to medium-sized businesses face limited options for obtaining additional working capital, we have decided to provide adaptable and trouble-free options that are specifically designed to help business owners who may not qualify for traditional business loans, but are eager to grow their business.

Over 85% of our eligible merchants renew.

We fund most businesses: Restaurants, Retail Stores, Medical Clinics, Franchises, etc..

We Fund Small Businesses and Franchises from $5K – $2Mil

From Restaurants, Clinics, Grocery, Liquor Stores, Auto Repair, Textile, Manufacturing to Construction