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Why Business Equipment Loans Work

Business Equipment Loans

What are Business Equipment Loans?

Business equipment loans are needed to keep a business growing in the economy. Equipment is needed for businesses to work to their maximum potential. There are a number of options to choose from regarding a business equipment loan with These include options such as:

  • Funding amounts
  • Payback time frame
  • Payback terms

Funding Amounts

Globelend offers business equipment loans in amounts as little as $5,000. Sometimes a business may need equipment loans for small things, such as a mixer that broke in the cafeteria. This may require funds that are not available because it is the beginning of the month, or funds are not accessible at the moment. The mixer is vital for the business to run because it is needed to supply the food, which is the way to make revenue for the business. A small loan in the amount of $5,000 could supply the cafeteria with a new mixer and maybe something else that is outdated.  There is also an opportunity to get larger funding of $250,000, which could be used for larger equipment such as tools or car lifts that an auto body shop may need. The money could be used to replace or update the expensive tools needed, which will make it easier on the business owners.

Payback Time Frame

The time frame to pay back a loan can be very important to business owners. Globelend understands that times can be tough, and try to incorporate a payback time frame that is essential to helping the company succeed. A time frame for paying back a loan can be as little as 6 months. This may be an option for business owners who are on a seasonal basis and need new equipment at the beginning of the season before they have revenue coming in. The extra boost that is needed to get the season up and running in the right direction is an opportunity for these businesses. Globelend offers payback terms of12-month periods as well, which may be helpful for businesses that have gone through a crisis, such as a fire that has disabled the business from running until new equipment is purchased.

Payback Terms

Globelend offers payback terms to suit any business venture. Businesses can pay back business equipment loans in sums every month or by smaller daily debit withdrawals.  Some business may need to give smaller payments on a daily basis due to revenue at the time, while other businesses may wait till the end of the month when all proceeds have been deposited to pay the loan payments. Some businesses may also decide to pay the business equipment loans off earlier than necessary. This is also an option by paying two monthly payments at once. This will cut back the payback time frame by at least half in the end.

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Why Fast Small Business Financing Works

Fast Small Business Financing

Globelend is the place to go for businesses that are in need of financing means in a hurry.  The website offers the ability to apply for small business financing easy and fast.


Accessing small business financing with Globelend gives businesses the ability to make their business a reality. These fast small business financing opportunities differ from those at a traditional institute. There are no long processes with excessive amounts of paperwork that need to be done in order to acquire funding. Business owners simply fill out the easy step-by-step application that is found online. After filling this out, owners will be contacted within 1 business day by an experienced and dedicated customer service representative.

Available Funds

Funds that are acquired through Globelend can be used for a number of different purposes;  the ultimate goal of fast small business financing is to give small businesses the ability to strive and take their business to the next step. The financing opportunities range from $5,000 to $250,000, and have payback terms of either 6 months or 1-year terms. There are a number of reasons why small businesses require fast small business financing. These include:

  • Legal procedures
  • Upgrading
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Events

Legal Procedures

Whether a business operates on an around-the-year clock or a seasonal basis, there are legal proceedings and filings that are required every year. These filings and documents can get expensive due to fees that are attached to all of them. There is also the need for an accountant for taxes at the end of every year. If it has not been a very successful year or if funds are not accessible at the time, small business financing options may be the course of action to take.


Technology changes frequently, and is incorporated in businesses around the world every day.  With the growth of technology, businesses are required to grow and access the newer technology to gain more revenue. It is important for businesses to grow with the times. If a business is outdated it will not gain the attention it needs for a larger base of customers and clientele. Upgrading can be something as small as new tables and desks to new computers and software for the business. The cost of an upgrade can become very expensive and requires businesses to look to fast small business financing as an option.

Equipment and Supplies

No business can run without equipment and supplies. Retail facilities need the funds to purchase the materials to sell, while bakeries need to purchase ingredients. A marketing company needs computers and software applications, and a writer needs a computer to type on.  All these businesses could not strive without the equipment needed.


Globelend makes it easier and more convenient for organizations and business owners to host events. Events bring more attention to a business and, in the end, will bring in more revenue for them as well.


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Elucidation of Inventory Loans

Elucidation of Inventory Loans

What are Inventory Loans?

Inventory loans allow businesses owners to purchase inventory for their business. Paying for inventory of the current year at the end of the year is not a healthy prospect for businesses owners. There are many different expenses that can come about in the economy today which can have an effect on the incoming and outgoing money in a business. Many factors can come into play, such as a natural disaster, that will still require businesses to pay for the inventory even if it was not used to bring in revenue.

How to Use an Inventory Loan

Inventory Loans at Globelend are obtained so that the inventory used for the business is ultimately paid off in a matter of months, not years. Loans for inventory should match the amounts of the revenue, including other expenses as well. This makes it easier for businesses to pay off the loan faster and leaves the business in better standing overall. The inventory loans are offered range in amounts of $5,000 to $250,000. Businesses can choose the amount and fill out a personal information sheet online to start the process.

Why Use an Inventory Loan?

There are many reasons that businesses may choose to use an inventory loan. The ease of knowing that inventory has been paid off in a matter of months instead of it hanging over one’s head can be a great relief to business owners. The interest rates are much lower with inventory loans due to being much shorter in length, which means lower payments altogether. This will release funding that is normally associated with inventory to be used for other means that may be more important for increasing the business’ revenue. There are different types of inventory that inventory loans can be used for, and businesses from every industry can gain from inventory loans. Globelend has given businesses a way to make more money, due to lower inventory cost. Every business requires some sort of inventory, and these companies’ inventory needs can include:

  • Food and supplies for a restaurant
  • Computers and learning essentials for daycares and schools
  • Furnishings for real estate businesses
  • Equipment and supplies for a physician
  • Materials, such as cotton and silk for a fashion business
  • Paper supplies for any type of business
  • Products for sale for a retail business
  • Metal for auto body businesses
  • Wood workings for a building business
  • Automobiles and Vehicles for a transportation or delivery business

Inventory loans are here for businesses to grow into larger corporations. Globelend gives small businesses the opportunity and means for business when a line of credit is difficult or cannot be obtained from a traditional bank lender. It is an easier process, requires less waiting time, and provides a better outcome when looking for an inventory loan. In the end, it will help businesses gain the essentials they need and help them grow in the economy.

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How to Use Online Applications for Small Business Loans

Online Applications

How to Use Online Applications

The step-by-step online application process for Globelend is easy and effective. offers customer service representatives that can help business owners at any step with any questions or problems they may have. Sometimes applying for a loan and financing can be confusing. The website offers an easy application so that businesses owners will know what to do if a problem arises.

What to Obtain

The application on Globelend is essential to obtain any type of funding a business may need. There are multiple loans and financing opportunities that are created to help a business strive and succeed today. A company’s success reflects on the success of the lending company and affects the means to get funding. There is a free 5 minute setup that does not take up valuable time that business owners could be spending on another part of their business. All loans are in an amount ranging from $5,000 to $250,000 and have a payoff term that is shorter than most traditional loans. This gives business owners the opportunity to pay off the funding in a shorter amount of time, which means less financing fees and lower interest rates, as well as interest totals overall. Business owners can receive results from their business loan applications in as little as 2 business days. Upon approval, business owners can receive their funding needed in as little as 7 business days.

Why Apply with Online Applications?

Online applications at Globelend give business owners a chance to apply in a shorter amount of time, with an easy-to-use navigation and it is convenient. It can be done from the business owner’s place of business or their home residence. It can be done any day of the week and at any time. This means a business owner can apply from home at 3:00 am and the company will receive their application in record timing.

What is on the Application?

There are many different features of the application that are required in order to receive funding, including business name and location as well as revenue. There are a number of steps taken in order to complete the application process. The website will take business owners step by step so it is an easier process for them. The steps taken include:

  1. Basics – Business owners input their company name, phone number, and zip code on the first screen.
  2. Your Business – This is where vital information is entered, such as the business owner’s legal name, years in business, revenue, and more.
  3. About You – This page will ask about the business owner themselves.
  4. Financial Needs – This page requires owners to choose the amount of money needed and how fast it is needed.
  5. Analyzing – The last step is analyzing your information to make sure everything is filled out correctly.
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Small Business Loans in a Hurry

Small Business Loans in a Hurry

If your business is in need of a fast small business loan, then Globelend is who you need to contact.  We have an instant decision making application online. With an easy application that can be completed online, businesses can get the funds needed for their finances quickly and easily with us.

Simple Process

Globelend makes fast business loans a reality. Fast small business loans are different from those of a traditional status: There is no security documentation and proceedings needed to endure the process.  Simply fill out the application and you will be notified of the status of the application in record timing. Without the hassle of extra documents to send and other procedures that can take weeks and even months to establish and generate, fast small business loans are the better option for those companies needing funds fast. Businesses can sign up with Globelend easily in five minutes.

Funds Available

Fast small business loans are offered in a range of $5,000 to $250,000. The loan is backed with a personal guarantee that the intuition? Do you mean tuition? [D1] will shortly be removed once the loan has been paid back in full.  Businesses can take out these small loans for a number of purposes, including:

  • Payroll
  • Legal proceedings
  • Upgrades
  • Furnishings
  • Equipment
  • Events

Why get a Fast Small Business Loan?

Many times, there may be a need to make payroll with extra funding due to circumstances that are out of the company’s control. With small fast loans, the money is there in a short time to make sure staff is paid on time. Legal proceedings and documentation that need to be filed are always time consuming.  The proceedings may need to be paid beforehand in order to achieve the status the company is looking for. From this prospective, small fast loans give businesses the ability to file paperwork in a timely manner so that the focus is placed where it is needed in the business. Upgrades are essential to making progress in any business, as they help a business to keep up with the economy and are vital to ongoing success. Small business loans will help to make the upgrades that are wanted a reality for the business.  Furnishings and equipment are needed to make a business work, and whether a business is in the beginning stages or has been in business for years, there is always a need for new equipment. New equipment and furnishings may be needed for opening doors in more locations or in the event of an upgrade to the business. Small business loans will provide the funds needed to purchase all the equipment, furnishings, and supplies necessary for any circumstance. Events can be very important for many different businesses in the economy today; a big event can bring in more customers and clientele.  With a big event comes more revenue for the company. Companies may choose to have a special day or holiday event to introduce their business to the community. Small business loans can help purchase and organize the events that will make a difference in the overall business status.

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How to Get a Small Business Loan Online Today

Small Business Loans Online

How to Get a Small Business Loan Online

Globelend offers business owners the means to obtain a small business loan from the comfort of their own home. The website offers an easy to navigate application just by clicking the start button.  The application requires certain information such as a business name, location, and industry, as well as other certain key points like the Federal Employee identification number and its current revenue status. After filling out the application, a representative will contact the business owner within a couple of days. This is a process that normally happens within 24 hours of completing the application.

What They Can Do For Business Owners?

Globelend helps businesses achieve a status in the community and business world that meets their own standards. The company has experts on the topic of finances and will help businesses make the right choice in funding for their company.  Experts will point out all the options that are available to clients and walk them through the process and steps to receive the funding. The customer service department is here to help businesses gain the knowledge needed to succeed.  The focus of the staff at Globelend is to bring clients the best and most affordable finance options to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Benefits of Globelend

There are many benefits that a company can enjoy with Globelend. They offer a range of financing options with small business loans. Small business loans can be utilized by a company in any industry, including:

  • Entertainment
  • Leisure
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • And more

There are many avenues for funding when entertainment comes into play. The funds could be used for writing a book, making a movie, or even constructing company buildings such as a movie rental store. Leisure is something that many people do not indulge in today unless they are able to. Leisure activities can include a number of things such as a spa, swimming pool, and nail salon. Retail is something that is found throughout the world. Retail can be clothing, accessories, sporting goods, vehicles, and more.  It is everywhere we turn, and there is a niche store for everything. There are many people who may need a small business loan to obtain a facility and purchase goods for sale. Retail is possibly the largest industry in the world.  Education is an industry that is growing today. Small business loans are needed to fund daycare facilities, tutor businesses, driving schools, and higher education institutions. Healthcare is a field that is constantly changing with the economy; with the FDA and Healthcare regulations constantly changing the current laws, companies have to change their ways of business to abide by the laws. Small business loans are used to purchase more supplies for these companies, as well as supply a demand for training that is constantly needed to change with the economy.

Getting small business loans online is a fast and easy way for businesses to obtain the funds needed.  Whether a business accepts credit cards, cash, or checks, Globelend is a business that can be tailored to the needs of the individual and create a dynamic workforce.

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Why Choose a Short-Term Small Business Loan?

Short-Term Business Loans

Why Choose a Short-Term Small Business Loan?

Short-term small business loans with Globelend offer businesses the opportunity to borrow money in a cautious way. The economy has grown, and has brought new challenges to many different companies, challenges which can hurt or help a business.  The use of short-term business loans helps a business grow with the times and the economy, as well as conduct their business.

Terms of a Short-Term Small Business Loan

A short-term small business loan offers short-term loans for a period of 6 or 12 months. There is also a Daily Direct Debit payment option that is available with  These payments are designed to pay off the short-term principal of the short-term business loan in smaller daily payments. This can be more convenient for some companies instead of paying one large amount monthly.

Advantages to a Short-Term Small Business Loan

Short-term small business loans offer businesses the opportunity to not only supply the business with the means needed to function, but to grow as well.  The use of short-term small business loans lets business owners work their way up to larger loans that are available; it gives them an opportunity to receive loans that have longer terms and larger amounts. The successful payoff of a short-term small business loan gives the opportunity to build a relationship with Globelend so that it is easier to qualify for future funding. This can include a larger loan or a longer term attached to the loan.

There are many different things that are concluded when businesses apply for a short-term small business loan. The company offers an easier process and bigger growth opportunities to all businesses that apply. Globelend is a company that offers great benefits and opportunities to business owners of all kinds and from any industry in the world. Some of the benefits that businesses will gain through gaining a loan through Globelend will include:

  • Easy application process with no extra paperwork like traditional loans
  • Ability to grow with the economy and bring in more revenue
  • Ability to move up and gain larger funding opportunities
  • Ability to move up and gain loans with longer term payments
  • Ability to pay off principals to loans with small daily payments instead of large monthly payments using Daily Direct Debit
  • Easier payoff opportunities
  • Great customer service with expedited service

Business for the Future

Globelend adapts to the use of a short-term small business loan to bring businesses the means to bring in more revenue. With expedited service, including a representative call in less than a day, this is the place to receive the funding needed for growth in the economy.  Businesses can receive a guaranteed experience that will be long lasting and provide the means to grow. The process can be started by filling out the information sheet on the website to initiate the funding opportunities.

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Gaining Equipment for a New Business Venture

Small Business Equipment Financing

What it is Used for

Obtaining small business equipment financing is an option with Globelend. Equipment is something that is needed for businesses to grow with the economy, and will make or break a business.   New equipment opens doors for more revenue and for a business to grow. There are many reasons to get a small business equipment financing opportunity. These can include reasons such as:

  • Replacing equipment with up to date technology
  • Gaining equipment for a new business venture
  • Franchising and branching into new locations

Incorporating Up-to-Date Technology into the Business

Equipment will break and malfunction throughout the lifespan of a business. It may cause the growth of the business to be slower and less adequate, and technology grows every day in the face of the economy. In order for a business to thrive, they have to keep up with the growing changes so that they will continue to bring in revenue. New technology and equipment is needed to keep up the everyday running of the business. Obtaining new equipment can get quite expensive and take a long time. Globelend brings businesses a way to obtain the needed equipment with a way that is more affordable and easy to obtain.

Gaining Equipment for a New Business Venture

With the opening of every business, there is equipment that needs to be obtained. In order for a business to operate efficiently, it needs the latest technology and means to produce revenue for the business. The small business equipment financing option gives business owners a more affordable option to obtain the equipment with easy-to-pay terms and smaller interest rates.

Franchising and Branching into New Locations

Businesses grow as they get older, and with this comes the opportunity to branch out and franchise into other communities. Equipment is needed to open new locations and facilities.  The additional locations need the same equipment and technology that has been installed in the first location in order to produce the same results. The opportunity to open new doors is an opportunity for more revenue for business owners.

Any business in today’s economy can find great results with a small business equipment financing opportunity. Business owners have the choice between multiple different payback options that are available. Globelend offers small business equipment financing from $5,000 to $250,000 for businesses that are in any industry. After applying online using the step-by-step instructions, business owners will hear a response from a customer service representative within two business days. This funding can be available for business owners after they have received approval through the company, in as little as 7 business days. The company offers adequate, easy, affordable, and efficient equipment loans for any business owner and for any industry in the world today.

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What are Temporary Cash Flow Loans?

Temporary Cash Flow Loans

What are Temporary Cash Flow Loans?

Temporary cash flow loans give a way for businesses to have cash flow before the doors open to bring in revenue. Many times, a business may be a temporary or seasonal venture, like beach restaurants. In these instances, cash flow is needed before the doors open.  This cash may be used for many different reasons. Some of the reasons to gain a cash flow loan are:

  • Hire employees
  • Buy new equipment & supplies
  • Obtain required documentation and licenses
  • Upgrade for the year
  • After an upgrade

Hire Employees

All businesses require personnel and employees to make the business work. These people are the foundation of the business. The use of a temporary cash flow loan can help to establish training and paying employees for the training that is held. If there is no revenue coming in, especially if the business is shut down for a period of time, then there are no funds available to pay these employees. There may also be the need to pay employees for the first couple of weeks before the revenue starts coming in as well.

Buy New Equipment & Supplies

As with every business, there are things that are necessary for the business to thrive. These things could be perishables or just replacements, as some things may break with time and use. Many companies, like restaurants, require the purchase of perishable items such as food to restore the business. A restaurant has to have the food to make before they can sell it to bring in revenue. Globelend can help by giving these businesses the funds to purchase the equipment and supplies needed before the doors open.

Obtain Required Equipment & Supplies

Every business requires a license of some sort and documentation. These are the things that are required before a business can run or bring in revenue. Almost every license and filing requires a fee and sometimes these can add up to be quite expensive. With a Globelend temporary cash flow loan, businesses can obtain the licenses and documentation needed to run the business.

Upgrade and the Proceedings After the Upgrade

Many times, upgrades are needed in every business.  Whether it is for new computer systems, cooking equipment, or even uniforms, they are essential to gain revenue for the business.  The upgrades needed can be obtained using Globelend temporary cash flow loan.

After a business has been closed for remodeling or upgrades, it may require some funds to get back up on its feet. If the business is closed, there will be no revenue for the business while upgrading, which will require extra funding.

Why Globelend Loans

Globelend offers great customer service and strives to bring businesses of the community a means to gaining the revenue they want.  The use of a temporary cash flow loan is for businesses that are healthy and have a steady way to repay the loan.  If the incoming revenue is less than the prospective funding needs, then the temporary cash flow loan may not be the best option.

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What is Business Equipment Financing Used For

What is Business Equipment Financing Used For

Globelend offers businesses the option of obtaining business equipment financing. These types of financing opportunities are created for the sole purpose of obtaining equipment that is needed for businesses to succeed in today’s economy. There are many reasons why a business may need to acquire business equipment financing. Some of these may be:

  • Replacing old equipment
  • Obtaining new equipment
  • Opening new doors

Replacing Old Equipment

Many times, equipment can malfunction or break. In this case, a business may not have the funds that are needed to buy the new equipment necessary to keep everyday business running. This is where the option of business equipment financing from Globelend comes into play. Other times, new equipment may be needed because of the economy. Businesses have to keep up with the times in order to continue bringing in revenue in the business world.  Keeping up with the ongoing proceedings of technology can get expensive and funds may not be available for the upgrade in the businesses finances. Incorporating new technology into a business can open more doors for more revenue. New technology is also needed to make a business run smoother. The ability to use new technology also can make a business focus less on certain aspects of the business, and to place attention on other facades of the business as well.

Obtaining New Equipment

Equipment is vital to every business. It can be time consuming and frustrating when one is starting a new business and does not have the funding to obtain everything that is necessary.  With business equipment, financing businesses have the means to purchase the equipment needed to start a great company.

Opening New Doors

A business grows as time goes by, and sometimes it is necessary for business owners to open doors to new locations. With the opening of new locations, there are many things needed to accomplish this task. One such thing is the equipment for the second location. With business equipment financing, business owners can purchase the equipment for the new location to open doors faster and can gain more revenue for the business as a whole.

Globelend offers business equipment financing that is affordable for any business in today’s economy.  There are multiple payback options that owners can choose from to suit their needs and financial status. The loans are generally on a 6-month or 12-month term for business owners. Globelend offers business equipment financing that can come in a range of $5,000 to $250,000. A business owner can apply with ease on the website. Simply fill out the application and click the “Apply Now” button. A customer service representative will contact business owners with a decision in 2 business days. They will also help business owners to dissect the business to find out where the demands are and what equipment and means are needed to make the company a success.

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