Business Line of Credit Miami

Business Line of Credit Miami

Business Line of Credit Miami – Globelend

Business means fierce competition in Miami, and small or medium-sized businesses often face unexpected profit losses, work accidents, and other crises that cut their finances apart. That’s when a Business Line of Credit in Miami changes everything. With a financial safety net at your disposal, you’re out of harm’s way insofar as the line of credit can fully cover your losses or unexpected expenses.

Globelend Capital offers quick and reliable business lines of credit in Miami in as little as a few minutes. If you meet all the requirements, we can approve your application in 10 minutes. From then on, we’ve got you covered with a revolving line of credit with cash on-demand potential. You only pay for what you use, there are no hidden or unexpected fees, and your funds are always close-by when you need them!

Call us at (855) 842-5626 or apply online for a line of credit in Miami immediately!

What is a business line of credit, and how can it help me?

Lines of credit are often misunderstood or completely ignored by many individuals or business owners. Banks don’t help in this regard either, as they don’t properly market their lines of credit. However, as a business owner, you need to be aware of your funding options for those periods when your profits falter. Or you may want to expand your business model and acquire new equipment, in which case a line of credit is a great asset to have.

A business line of credit at Globelend encapsulates the following things:

  • Instant access to your funds
  • No charges to open or maintain the account
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No prepayment fees
  • No account-closure fees
  • A revolving credit line that is reimbursed as you make repayments
  • Fixed weekly or monthly payments stretching over 6 to 12 months

As for how a credit line can help you, let’s take a hypothetical scenario. Say you’re a restaurant owner, and an electrical outage busts all your electrical appliances. The opening hours are nearing soon, and you can’t pull together the necessary funds to replace the equipment in such a short time. Anyone would feel on edge trying to deal with such a close-call situation, and the risks are simply not worth it.

Having a credit line with Globelend would give you immediate access to the money you need. We’ll credit your bank account in only a few hours, regardless of the time of day. You can put your restaurant back on track just in time for the opening hours, and you don’t even have to cancel any reservations!

Nothing is more important to us than our clients’ financial safety, and our Business Line of Credit is ample evidence of that!

Minimum requirements for a line of credit

With a line of credit, things are more straightforward compared to an SBA, for instance. Globelend Capital takes away all the bureaucracy when you apply to a line of credit. In a few simple steps, you’ll be in possession of any sum of money, from $25,000 to $1 million and upward. The only requirements you have to meet are these:

  • Business must be older than six months
  • FICO of at least 600
  • Basic information about you and your business
  • Minimum of $10,000 in monthly business revenues
  • Bank statements for the last three months or a valid connection to a bank

Our Business Line of Credit in Miami has helped thousands of business owners better manage their finances and obtain better profits. Besides being a safety net for dark times, our line of credit can act as an investment fund if and when you need it. Call us at (855) 842-5626 or apply online for a line of credit in Miami immediately!

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