Why Business Equipment Loans Work

Business Equipment Loans

What are Business Equipment Loans?

Business equipment loans are needed to keep a business growing in the economy. Equipment is needed for businesses to work to their maximum potential. There are a number of options to choose from regarding a business equipment loan with Globeland.com. These include options such as:

  • Funding amounts
  • Payback time frame
  • Payback terms

Funding Amounts

Globelend offers business equipment loans in amounts as little as $5,000. Sometimes a business may need equipment loans for small things, such as a mixer that broke in the cafeteria. This may require funds that are not available because it is the beginning of the month, or funds are not accessible at the moment. The mixer is vital for the business to run because it is needed to supply the food, which is the way to make revenue for the business. A small loan in the amount of $5,000 could supply the cafeteria with a new mixer and maybe something else that is outdated.  There is also an opportunity to get larger funding of $250,000, which could be used for larger equipment such as tools or car lifts that an auto body shop may need. The money could be used to replace or update the expensive tools needed, which will make it easier on the business owners.

Payback Time Frame

The time frame to pay back a loan can be very important to business owners. Globelend understands that times can be tough, and try to incorporate a payback time frame that is essential to helping the company succeed. A time frame for paying back a loan can be as little as 6 months. This may be an option for business owners who are on a seasonal basis and need new equipment at the beginning of the season before they have revenue coming in. The extra boost that is needed to get the season up and running in the right direction is an opportunity for these businesses. Globelend offers payback terms of12-month periods as well, which may be helpful for businesses that have gone through a crisis, such as a fire that has disabled the business from running until new equipment is purchased.

Payback Terms

Globelend offers payback terms to suit any business venture. Businesses can pay back business equipment loans in sums every month or by smaller daily debit withdrawals.  Some business may need to give smaller payments on a daily basis due to revenue at the time, while other businesses may wait till the end of the month when all proceeds have been deposited to pay the loan payments. Some businesses may also decide to pay the business equipment loans off earlier than necessary. This is also an option by paying two monthly payments at once. This will cut back the payback time frame by at least half in the end.

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