The Top 3 Ways to Deal with Negative Online Reviews

The Top 3 Ways to Deal with Negative Online Reviews

Technology has advantages and disadvantages for businesses. On the upside, technology makes it much easier for businesses to advertise and reach their target audiences. On the other hand, technology can also hurt a company if even a few customers have a bad experience with it.

The reputation of a business is now determined by positive and negative online reviews posted by customers. Most modern consumers turn to the internet to research businesses and read reviews left by previous customers. The idea is that if a business has an overwhelming number of positive reviews, it must be a trustworthy business. But if it has several negative reviews posted within a short period, it’s probably not a trustworthy business.

The average customer will read at least ten reviews about a company before deciding whether to do business with it. If they see one negative review out of 10 reviews, then it’ll cause them some hesitation. Two or more negative reviews out of 10 will cause them to decide against doing business with the company.

Negative reviews can damage a business significantly. Even if the reviews are based on misunderstandings or rare bad experiences, they could still mean the downfall of a legitimate company that normally does good business. Does this sound like your situation?

If it does, here are the top 3 ways to deal with negative online reviews about your business.

1) Resolve Your Customers’ Problems

If a customer had a bad experience with your business, don’t just leave the problem unresolved. Reach out to the customer and ask if you can do anything to fix their problem. Perhaps you could give them a refund, replace a product, or perform a service again for free. If you honestly attempt to resolve a customer’s problem, they might feel compelled to change their negative review into a positive one.

2) Remain Polite and Don’t Get Defensive

As a business owner, you might feel defensive when a customer leaves negative comments about your business. Even if the customer left untrue or unfair comments, don’t respond with anger or aggression. The issue might stem from a simple misunderstanding that can easily be resolved.

If you lash out in anger, it could prompt them to leave their negative comments in place or possibly leave you more negative comments. By showing kindness and understanding toward them, you’ll have a better chance of getting them to change their mind about your company.

3) Don’t Purchase Fake Reviews

Fake reviews are a growing trend on the internet. Some people actually sell fake positive reviews to companies to flood out the negative reviews they’ve received. However, you can get in legal trouble if your company is caught purchasing positive reviews.

It’s best to avoid the temptation of purchasing reviews, because nothing good can come from it in the long run. Just try to maintain a high level of customer service so you can avoid negative reviews altogether.

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