How to Get a Flexible and Affordable Term Loan

How to Get a Flexible and Affordable Term Loan

How to Get a Flexible and Affordable Term Loan

Capital is indispensable to running a business. Whether you need to upgrade your equipment, expand your team, or cover unexpected costs, you can always benefit from additional funds. Such investments make all the difference for your profit and future prospects. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs face financial challenges that hinder their business development. If you’re like one of the 66% of small business owners in the U.S., you might be working on a tight budget. If that’s the case, Globelend Capital can help you access a flexible and affordable business term loan!

Many business owners shy away from term loans due to perceived disadvantages. Such loans might have drawbacks such as complex eligibility requirements, a tedious application process, rigid repayment schedules, processing fees, and high-interest rates. We’re familiar with these challenges and want to put forward a small-business-friendly offer to aid as many entrepreneurs as possible.

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How Can Globelend Capital Help?

A term loan will give you access to more resources for short-term investments. However, many such contracts become a financial burden in the long term due to hidden fees or fluctuating interest payments.

Entrepreneurs are rightfully skeptical about such services. But a term loan doesn’t have to be this stressful or complicated! Globelend Capital makes it safe and easy for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses. We offer multiple benefits for our clients, including:

  • Total loans between $25,000-$500,000, suitable for all small businesses’ needs
  • Full transparency about our loan payment process and interest rates
  • Affordable, once-monthly payments and a single, one-time origination fee
  • No hidden fees or prepayment penalties
  • Between 6 months and five years of repayment time
  • Interest rates starting from 4.99% per year
  • Interest payments only for the borrowed time of the loan
  • Quick and straightforward loan application process
  • Application approval in under 24 hours
  • Assistance from a professional business loan expert

Keep reading to find out about the process of applying for a business term loan with Globelend Capital!

Steps To Apply for a Business Term Loan

There are multiple reasons for seeking a term loan for your business. Whether you need to cover a small up-front cost or make more significant future investments, we believe our offer is flexible enough to cover your needs. Our application process is quick and easy. Do you want to collaborate with Globelend Capital?

You can do it all from the privacy of your office. All you have to do is complete our online form. We require basic information about you and your business, plus some financial details and bank statements. Filling in all the necessary information should take as little as 6 minutes.

After filling in the form, a dedicated loan specialist will review your application and documentation and contact you as soon as possible. They will offer expert advice on the most suitable loan amount and payment schedule for your business. Your designated account manager will guide you and ask additional questions about your business and goals. You should receive a reply in an hour at most.

Finally, you’ll receive a final decision in just 24 hours. Your underwriter will go over your final application before approving your loan contract. You may receive another call for further inquiries. After signing off on the terms of the agreement, you’ll receive your funds within the next business day.

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