Equipment financing can be a fast and simple way to fund up to 100% of the value of the computers, machinery, vehicles, or whatever else you need to run your business.

Who Qualifies for Equipment Financing?

Most businesses can qualify for equipment financing. The amount your business qualifies for—and the interest rate you’ll pay—depends on the value of that equipment, your business’s financial history, and your credit score.

Equipment financing can be a great option if your credit rating is less than perfect, too, since the equipment acts as collateral. In fact, equipment lenders are just as concerned with what’s securing their loan as with your borrowing history.

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Is Equipment Financing the right option?

With equipment financing, the thing to keep in mind is that it stops you from needing to pay the entire cost of that equipment upfront.

Instead, you’ll pay it off in regular installments.

However, you’ll be paying more to finance that equipment with an equipment loan than you’d pay if you purchased it outright without financing. The tradeoff is for businesses that can’t afford that kind of large expense or don’t want to deplete their cash with such a large purchase.

How much will Equipment Financing cost?

Let’s say you have a piece of equipment you’d like to purchase that costs $10,000. We offer you loan to purchase that equipment, with a 11% interest over a 3 year (or 36 month) term. With a 11% APR, that means your $10,000 piece of equipment will actually cost you $11,786.04, with a monthly payment of $327.39.