Elucidation of Inventory Loans

Elucidation of Inventory Loans

What are Inventory Loans?

Inventory loans allow businesses owners to purchase inventory for their business. Paying for inventory of the current year at the end of the year is not a healthy prospect for businesses owners. There are many different expenses that can come about in the economy today which can have an effect on the incoming and outgoing money in a business. Many factors can come into play, such as a natural disaster, that will still require businesses to pay for the inventory even if it was not used to bring in revenue.

How to Use an Inventory Loan

Inventory Loans at Globelend are obtained so that the inventory used for the business is ultimately paid off in a matter of months, not years. Loans for inventory should match the amounts of the revenue, including other expenses as well. This makes it easier for businesses to pay off the loan faster and leaves the business in better standing overall. The inventory loans are offered range in amounts of $5,000 to $250,000. Businesses can choose the amount and fill out a personal information sheet online to start the process.

Why Use an Inventory Loan?

There are many reasons that businesses may choose to use an inventory loan. The ease of knowing that inventory has been paid off in a matter of months instead of it hanging over one’s head can be a great relief to business owners. The interest rates are much lower with inventory loans due to being much shorter in length, which means lower payments altogether. This will release funding that is normally associated with inventory to be used for other means that may be more important for increasing the business’ revenue. There are different types of inventory that inventory loans can be used for, and businesses from every industry can gain from inventory loans. Globelend has given businesses a way to make more money, due to lower inventory cost. Every business requires some sort of inventory, and these companies’ inventory needs can include:

  • Food and supplies for a restaurant
  • Computers and learning essentials for daycares and schools
  • Furnishings for real estate businesses
  • Equipment and supplies for a physician
  • Materials, such as cotton and silk for a fashion business
  • Paper supplies for any type of business
  • Products for sale for a retail business
  • Metal for auto body businesses
  • Wood workings for a building business
  • Automobiles and Vehicles for a transportation or delivery business

Inventory loans are here for businesses to grow into larger corporations. Globelend gives small businesses the opportunity and means for business when a line of credit is difficult or cannot be obtained from a traditional bank lender. It is an easier process, requires less waiting time, and provides a better outcome when looking for an inventory loan. In the end, it will help businesses gain the essentials they need and help them grow in the economy.

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