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Small Business Loans for Doctors, K9, Dentists and more

Get cash for your small business when you need it most

Does the lack of funds hamper your business growth? As a small business owner there are times when you need funds urgently. You may have exhausted all your options which include traditional bank loans that involve many hurdles such as loads of paperwork, lengthy approval procedures, and the need for collateral.

Globelend – Your working capital partner

When you find yourself in such a situation, we at Globelend Capital have just the right solution loans to suit your need. Business cash advances are better than most business loans and other unsecured loans that can get you instant access to cash just when you need it most. Do you have to pledge collateral, provide personal guarantees or stick to a fixed payment schedule? With business cash advances from Globelend, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. In fact we don’t ask you to write any checks or impose any restrictions on what the funding can be used for. All you can look forward is hassle free and fast funding with a one page application and almost access to funding in under 72 hours on business days.

Receive cash advances on your terms

With Globelend Capital, you can look forward to flexible repayment schedules based on your business sales volume. Our business cash advance program allows you to pay back over time from a portion of your credit card sales. This makes it much easier for you to pay back rather than struggle to meet any commitment to fixed monthly payments, which can put a further stress on your finances. With us, you receive the capital to run your business and use it to purchase new equipment, advertising, expanding your inventory or any other reason. Even doctors, K9, and dentists with a private practice benefit from our business cash advances program and so can you.

Profit from timely funding

Don’t let unexpected expenses take a toll on your working capital any more. Many small businesses continue to reap the benefits of cash advances from Globelend. This can give your small business the edge it needs to compete in a tough market. Remember, when you have the cash to purchase additional equipment, hire extra staff, or order larger stock, your small business gets the momentum it needs to fetch significant profits. It’s time to look ahead and count on business loans you can benefit from rather than deny your business the opportunity to grow.

Why Globelend is your better financial partner

At Globelend Capital, we have built a long standing relationship with many qualified merchants where over 85% choose to renew their cash advances with us. We have a very high approval rate as well. Helping your business grow with timely funding is our concern. Whether you need cash advances as little as $2500 to $100,000 and more. To suit small businesses of every type we offer a variety of funding programs so that you receive the maximum amount of capital possible. There are no hidden fees or middle men to deal with. We believe in working directly you. All you need is to pick up the phone right now and speak to our customer service or send us an email and we will be happy to get back to you with a quote.

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Merchant cash advances are the ideal alternative to traditional bank loans

Many small businesses in South Florida face a cash crunch at some point during their operations. For small and medium sized companies, small business loans can help meet their immediate needs of a cash flow. Although banks offer a variety of loans, businesses that are still developing have a tough time procuring funds from banks and other financial institutions.

Business cash advances in some ways offer more benefits than traditional bank loans; and that is where Globelend Capital comes in. To begin with, a business cash advance is much faster to obtain than a traditional bank loan with less paperwork involved. The waiting process is less than a week while approvals can be obtained in 2 days. Lenders of these type of advances understand the needs of small business owners when it comes to emergency funds, which is why you don’t need to wait for long for them to hand you the money. Repayments are made to the lender through credit card processing, based on your daily credit card sales.

In merchant cash advances, lenders take an agreed percentage from your credit card sales on a daily basis until the amount of advance is repaid. There is no need for collateral or personal guarantees. The only requirement is that you have been in business for at least six months and have minimum monthly credit card sales of around $4000. However, this amount varies amongst lenders. The amount of advance approved by the lender is based on your monthly credit card sales. This means there is no risk of becoming a defaulter.

Whether you are a restaurateur, dental clinic owner, or any other small or medium business owner, you can avail of small business loans. Besides, you do not need an impeccable credit record to avail of this type of cash advance. All that is required is a one year lease from your landlord and records of your credit card transactions to get a cash advance in less than a week. Globelend Capital is helping the following locations in South Florida and beyond: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, West Palm Beach, Sunny Isles, Miami Beach and many more for over a decade.

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Small business loans are a boon today

Finance is one of the most demanding aspects for any small business to deal with. For entrepreneurs who find themselves strapped for cash, small business loans are the ideal alternative to get their business off the ground. With this type of a loan you can expand your business, procure new equipment, stock up on supplies or use it for any other business related reason that can free up your cash flow. One of the major benefits of this type of loan is flexible repayment options. There are many types of small business loans; therefore, you ought to choose one that will perfectly meet your needs. Globelend Capital is based right here in South Florida and have been serving cities such as: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, West Palm Beach, Sunny Isles, Miami Beach and many more for over a decade.

Merchant cash advances are the ideal type of loan for small businesses in South Florida that need an alternative source of finance to meet their urgent needs. You can receive funds from around $2,000 to $250,000 based on your business profile as long you accept credit card payments with a total of more than $5,000 a month. Many lenders offer up to 200 percent of your monthly volume of credit card payments. Paying back is easy, which is usually around 10 to 25 percent of your total credit card receipts on a daily basis.

When you have exhausted all sources of financing through banks, business cash advances is one form of finance that is readily available. They are a viable option since eligibility is based on your sales history and not your credit history. In addition, there is no need for collateral.

When it comes to small business loans the application process is easier than many forms of traditional financing. Most often, approvals are sanctioned in as little as 24 hours. Lenders too are more willing to offer this type of funding since they can automatically withdraw a percentage from your daily credit card sales.

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Liquor Store Cash Advance

Rather than seeking funds through traditional sources a liquor store cash advance could be the ideal alternative for your store. You can use the funds for just about any reason. So whether you need to expand and add another outlet, purchase a large supply of liquor or simply renovate your store, or advertise on a large scale, you can count on this type of a loan to meet your needs. That’s the beauty of a liquor store cash advance; you can use the cash for whatever is necessary for business growth.


Instant funds with low repayment options

With a liquor store cash advance you don’t have to worry about bad credit and collateral. All you need is to be a liquor store owner with monthly sales receipts and accept credit cards. Repayments are made through your daily credit card sales with no minimum or maximum limit. These loans are a valuable tool for every liquor store owner that requires funds in an emergency or for any other reason. Although the amount varies among lenders you can receive as much as $250,000 and more. The lender deducts a small percentage of your daily credit card sales so you end up paying only when your business makes sales. Every time a customer pays by credit card you pay a small portion of the sale back towards your loan.


The benefits of a liquor store cash advance

One of the biggest advantages of a liquor store cash advance is that you get to use the funds in any way you choose. Besides, you get quick access to capital without ever putting your business at risk. Approvals take not more than 24 hours, unlike bank loans that can take days and even weeks before you hear from them. When it comes to repayments, there are flexible options too. There is no fixed payback time or repayment term. The day your sales are good you pay back more while your payback period automatically extends when sales are low. The amount you need to repay remains the same no matter how long it takes to repay. Doesn’t this make the prospects of making your liquor store grow much brighter?


A short cut to business growth

Often, banks may be reluctant to finance a liquor store due to the volatility of the liquor business. Quality liquor can be costly with a few takers in a tough economy. During these times, procuring funds to enhance your liquor store through traditional funding can be tough. However, a liquor store cash advance can help solve your cash situation almost instantly. Most lenders will be willing to extend a cash advance in a week from approval of your application. You don’t have to worry about eligibility either. As long as you are a liquor store owner that accepts credit card sales you are eligible to apply for this type of a loan.


There could be times when sales are low, where paying back a traditional loan may become difficult. However, with this type of a loan you don’t have to take such risks. Let your sale proceeds govern the amount you pay back. If you want to make provisions for future exigencies or launch an advertising campaign to draw customers to your store, call us for the most affordable liquor store cash advance options today.

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